Perfect skin… with no telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, spider veins, skin tags, pigment spots or unsightly hair, this is what your clients’ dreams are made of. You now have the ability to make their wishes come true thanks to Angie 13.56 MHz, the advanced system that offers specific programs to treat skin imperfections as well as an optional mode for permanent hair removal. Thermocoagulation and hair removal treatments with Angie 13.56 MHz are gentle and yield rapid results. Perfection has never been this easy!



Thermocoagulation is a treatment that uses an ultrarapid radiofrequency. This precision technique is used to coagulate certain superficial cutaneous imperfections in order to minimize their appearance or to completely eliminate them. Here, in detail, are some of the imperfections which can be successfully treated:

Vascular Imperfections

Thanks to Angie 13.56 MHz thermocoagulation treatments, you can finally rid your clients of vascular imperfections that have been bothering them for who knows how long. Angie 13.56 MHz allows you to effectively treat all those small damaged blood capillaries such as telangiectasias, spider veins, cherry angiomas and mature angiomas, commonly called “Campbell de Morgan spots”.

  Before        &      After 

Pigmentation Imperfections

Many of your clients would like to see some of their age spots or spots due to photosensitivity disappear? Help them by choosing Angie 13.56 MHz, the precision cutaneous correction system!


  Before        &      After 

Raised Imperfections

Are your clients searching for an effective treatment to remove their skin tags, molluscums or milia grains? Their search is now over since Angie 13.56 MHz successfully treats all these types of imperfections.


  Before        &      After





Electrophoresis (Optional)

24 thermocoagulation programs
24 permanent hair removal programs(Optional)

Electronic Circuit

Meets international standards
Completely microprocessor-controlled


Easy-care soft-touch keyboard
Simple to use

1 short K-type probeholder
1 silent footswitch
2 cords (1 red and 1 black)
1 rubber-coated plate electrode
1 interchangeable roller electrode
1 multipurpose electrode handle
1 sponge-like cover for plate electrode
1 user’s manual
1 warranty card
1 power cord