With the ever changing demands of today’s working environment, many dream of becoming their own boss, working their own hours, and being in control of their own income. Whether you are looking to change your career path, at a crossroads as to what to do after completing your schooling, or are an existing beauty and wellness professional looking for an entrepreneurial outlet- Apilus- Electrolysis reinvented – can offer you a unique and profitable business opportunity. Invest in this state of the art electrolysis technology, taking the world by storm, and enrol on either a full time or part time program to open the door to a fulfilling and lucrative new profession.

Apilus is the answer to upgrading and improving your client’s results and making electrolysis a more profitable, approachable and a much more pleasant experience.  As an existing Electrologist practitioner, it is imperative to upgrade your technology to ensure that you are offering your clients the best in the industry in order to retain your client base. The Laser Beautique’s trained professionals will provide you with necessary operational training for the machine.

Electrology is a very successful and lucrative stand-alone profession. Although, in Africa, Electrology is almost non-existent, this is due to the fact that till now, electrolysis technology in Africa has been primitive, overseas, in the USA and Europe, Electrology is a highly respected profession. Own your very own, electrolysis business, by investing in an Apilus machine and enrol in an accredited, internationally recognised, Apilus training course, which will lay the foundation for a successful profession and business.  If you are entrepreneurial, and would like to be a part of the exciting beauty and wellness industry, Apilus Electrolysis is a modern and rapidly expanding avenue, which you could practise globally.  If you are interested in benefitting from the support of a franchise network, The Laser Beautique also offer franchise opportunities. To enquire about opening a Beautique electrolysis franchise contact management@thelaserbeautique.co.za

Apilus Electrolysis will be an asset to an existing clinic or practice, which may already be offering Laser hair removal.  Electrolysis is the ideal solution to offer to clients who are not good candidates for laser treatments. Blonde and grey hair cannot be successfully treated with laser- because pigment acts as a target for the laser’s energy.  Without pigment, the laser will not yield the best result for these stubborn and light hairs.  This makes electrolysis the ideal treatment option.  By offering a combination of both laser and electrolysis applications you will be able to deliver the best, permanent hair removal result to your client.  Apilus is at the forefront of Electrolysis technology, the treatments are now more comfortable, and efficient than ever before. 

A Beauty Therapist or Somatologist studies for 3 years and pays about R80,000 a year for their education. This totals approx. R240,000. When completing her studies she will start earning R4,000 – R5,000 basic salary and will probably reach salary highs of R8,000-R12,000 a month depending on her service and retail capabilities. An  Aesthetician who is trained on laser and aesthetic procedures can earn between R8,000 –R20,000 a month depending on her service and retail capabilities. To become an Electrologist, one needs to complete a 300 hour course. 150 theory hours and 150 hours of practical hours. A legitimate Electrology course costs approx.. R45,000-R75,000. Once qualified an Electrologist recommended hourly rate is R950 an hour.

  • The recommended price for Apilus Electrolysis treatments is R950 per hour.
  • By treating 5 clients per day, one can generate a daily turnover of R4,750. 
  • By working 5 days a week, your potential earning per week could be = R23,750
  • This could translate into R95,000 a month, working only 25 hours a week.