Vitaphase IR


Work in synergy with Apilus devices and the Vitali•T beauty systems. The VitaPhases are dermaphasic devices specifically designed to optimize all your salon aesthetic facial and body treatments. Whether you want to stimulate, descale, ionize, massage or offer a little extra with your treatments, everything is possible with VitaPhase devices! The time has come to stand out from others and offer your clients a wider range of high-performance facial and body care…


– Ergonomic design
– May be connected to VitaPeel Ion, Vitaderm, VitaLift, Vita•Lux, Vital•O2 Lux, Apilus 3G, Apilus Platinum, Apilus xCell
– Meets international standards, One-year warranty
– Composed of 21 light-emitting diodes LED
– 16 diodes in the infrared spectrum (875nm) and 5 red LED (660nm)
– 2 modes: Infrared Light Therapy and Infrared Pulsing Light Therapy
– Integrated light pulse frequency adjustment

– Deep skin penetration
– Gives a firmer look to the skin
– Stimulates regeneration
– Reduces the aspect of signs of ageing
– Reduces the aspect of cellulite
– Well-being sensation


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