After years of mostly unsuccessful electrolysis – Apilus has solved my facial hair problem in a few visits. Exceptional results at a reasonable cost.
Georgina South Kingsville
Electrolysis used to be torture, no matter where you had it done. But with the new Apilus machine it’s 80% less painful and the hairs are still zapped forever.”
Bronwyn Australia
The number of clients at my institute has considerably increased! I work with an Apilus electrolysis machine since 2002. Thanks to the treatments I can provide with this device, the number of clients at my institute has considerably increased.
Jolanta Petrow Poland
I would, and have, recommended Apilus Electrolysis to anyone with an excess hair problem. After years of struggling with excess facial hair, I found the solution. Everyone who I have recommended it to, have been extremely happy with the results.
Dimitra Keilor
I do believe your company is the Microsoft and Apple of the aesthetics world. On behalf of all electrologists, who are visionary enough to use your 27MHz epilators and for all the ones yet to come on board, thank you for your enthusiasm and your hard work to make electrolysis much better for consumers, worldwide.
Dee Fahey Ohio
It’s amazingly fast, mostly pain free (sometimes slight pain in sensitive areas around upper lip, nose, etc. but nothing to worry about), and for me, I couldn’t be happier because for the first time in many, many years, my face is pretty much hairless!!!
Barb Fitzroy
As a former dietician, I am a woman who seeks quality in every aspect. Dectro International trained me to become an aesthetician and advised me when I opened my first aesthetics salon. During my first product inventory, when I purchased equipment, when I followed advanced training courses, Dectro was there every step of the way to support me and encourage me with professionalism and passion. Each time I acquired new equipment or products, its staff gave me friendly and helpful advice, which is why today, I am still with Dectro and feel good about the service I receive from its devoted employees, who are concerned about my needs and those of my clients.
Christine Lapierre Montréal
«Apilus Platinum, greater comfort and quicker results!» Because of the new technology and all the advancements made to the Apilus Platinum 27 MHz electrolysis machine, I am able to provide to my clients much more comfort and faster results. Since they are more comfortable I am able to work longer and accomplish more clearing each session. Since I have introduced the Apilus Platinum machine, all my clients who have been with me have thanked me profusely for spending the money and giving them a much more pleasant and effective experience.
Ada Ballen New York
Check out an in-depth study on Apilus Electrolysis here: Effect of 27-MHz radiofrequency on ex vivo hair follicles