Many people wonder what is the principle behind hair removal with electricity. The answer to this question requires the presentation of several factors and elements. However, in this article we have chosen to limit ourselves to the essential: The phenomenon of high frequency.

What is high frequency current ?

The principle of high frequency is based on the creation of heat in the hair follicle which distroyes the tissues and cells responsible for hair growth. Heat is developed through a logical process related to frequencies 13,56 Mhz or 27,12 Mhz. In fact, the length of those waves, which alternate from positive to negative 13 560 000 or 27 120 000 times per second, creates an attraction and a repulsion of the atoms around the probe. Those movements generate friction and vibration into the follicle creating thereby heat which destroys the cells and tissues responsible for hair growth. The speed of those frequencies (13,56 or 27,12 Mhz) creates heat a lot faster than the frequencies formerly used (1,3 or 5 Mhz). Thus, the technological evolution of electrolysis devices enables electrologists to work with shorter application times than in the past, making the treatments much quicker and more comfortable.

High frequency phenomenon in short

  1. Current
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Constant polarity change
  4. Attraction – repulsion
  5. Friction – vibration
  6. Heat creation
  7. Destruction of cells responsible for hair growth
Fauve Duckworth

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